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Flash Mob Caesar

July 19 and 20 at 7:00
July 21 at 2:00


William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, interpreted for our times, in which We the People are the protagonists.

Cast led by Kim Meredith, Noor Taher, Katie Kitchel, RJ Crowley, Laine Gilliespie, Katie Cawley, Emily Kuvin,  Allison Fay Brown, Shelia Kaplow, Julianna Czum, Hetty Thomae, Terry Samwick, Duncan Nichols, Taylor Burgess, Judson Dunne, Beata Randall, Paul Hunt, Ken Burchard, Dory Dsomas and the Youth Army of Rome.

Co-directed by Samantha Davidson Green and Richard Waterhouse

Stage and Production Management by Teresa Epp

Lighting and Sets by Alex Cherington

Technical Direction by Peter Ciardelli





Saturday, June 30 @7pm ~

Shakespeare in Love Potluck Dinner & Movie Night! Bring a dish to share & a blanket if you want to stretch out for summer movie night in the Eclipse Grange

Saturday, July 6 @6:30pm ~ Twitter for the Politically Perplexed: Disoriented by our political discourse in the era of Twitter and other social media?  Want to learn what a # (hashtag) is, what to do with it, and why it’s relevant to Julius Caesar and the future of our republic?  Bring your picnic dinner, questions and confusion to a dinner conversation with Richard A. Davidson, Communications Director in the U.S. Senate & Quinton Law, Field Organizer for Cory Booker 2020

 Sunday, July 14 @ 10:30a-12p ~ TOGA YOGA with Portia Brutus & Cast/Crew of Flash Mob Caesar Bring your yoga mat (toga optional :) for Yoga led by our very own Katie Cawley (aka Portia Brutus)! 

At Parish Players @theEclipseGrange

By donation to support Parish Players.

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