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2022 Ten-Minute Play Festival was a suc

Click here to purchase tickets through Brown Paper Tickets!

Performance Dates: 

April 21-23 at 7:30 P.M. 

April 24 at 3:00 P.M. 


Eclipse Grange Theatre 

193 Academy Road 

Thetford, VT 05074 

Parking at Latham Library or Thetford Academy. 

We will kindly ask everyone to provide proof of vaccination or a recent (within 72 hours) negative Covid-19 test, and to be masked during the show 

Here’s what we have lined up for you: 

Close Quarters 

by Chico Eastridge 

Directed by Steve LeBlanc 

Cast: Franchesca Collins * Corey Armstrong 

A schlubby man needs to dry his wet clothes at the laundromat, but he is one quarter short. He hatches a scheme to obtain the requisite coin, through charming an unsuspecting stranger, or, if all else fails, through thievery. His intended victim, a woman with her own problems, responds in interesting ways to his overtures and awkward attempts at slight-of-hand.


by T. James Belich 

Directed by Hetty Thomae 

Cast: Brenda Danielson * Kristin Clark * Suzy Psomas * Robert O’Leary

Three squirrels plot to rid the yard of The Dog. This play has a lot of physical comedy in it.

The Last Laugh 

by Robert Harders 

Directed by Faith Catlin 

Cast: Danielle Cohen * Ken Burchard * Faith Catlin

We are in a funeral home with a casket. The first wife is there with her friend gazing at the body of the deceased second wife. They decide to relieve the corpse of some of her things. A man enters at the end.

Razing the Statue 

by Marilynn Barner Anselmi 

Directed by Jordyn Fitch 

Cast: Fauve Dela Cruz * Robert O’Leary 

A deathbed conversation between a young stoner and a nameless confederate statue on the chopping block.

Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation 

by Toni Egger 

Directed by Toni Egger 

Cast: Anna King * Skylar Clemens * Hunter Snyder * Kim Meredith * Toni Egger

Based on the award-winning, best-selling book, "Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation," by evolutionary biologist, Olivia Judson, this ten-minute play explores an array of unusual animal mating habits. Dr. Tatiana - the celebrated Agony Aunt to the Animal Kingdom - gives advice to everything from worms with a hundred penises, to a beetle who gives birth to her son, has sex with him and then eats him. In this play, you'll meet an armadillo, an elephant, a corpse beetle and a manatee, each with their own sexual challenges. Entertaining natural history!   

Critic’s Choice 

by L.H. Grant 

Directed by Brian Kenyon 

Cast: Andrew Carmichael * Richard Granger * Anna King

Immediately after an opening night the two lead actors - who are also boyfriend and girlfriend - are backstage. Unbeknownst to them a renowned critic walks in after seeing the performance. In their eyes the tone of the review is critical to their overall success. The critic has already written two reviews: one good and one bad. He will publish the good one ... for a price (two hours…).

Just Desserts 

by David MacGregor 

Directed by Beata Randall 

Cast: Lois Bangiolo * Steve LeBlanc * Molly Elsasser * Julie Frew

Lunchroom with coworkers. One coworker, tired of having their lunches stolen repeatedly from the fridge, makes poison brownies to teach the fridge thief a lesson.  


The Way to a Man’s Heart 

by Barbara Lindsay 

Directed by Noor Taher 

Cast: Anthony Helm * Elizabeth Durkee

A lively woman brings a warm breakfast treat to a widowed nice man. She, a widower herself, ambushes him with a marriage proposal. Sometimes an ambush is just what we need to help us see the obvious. 

Click here to purchase tickets through Brown Paper Tickets!

Questions? Get in touch! 

Noor Taher (co-producer)

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