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2023 Annual TENS Festival!


Performance dates and showtimes:
Evenings: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, February 9th/10th/11th & 16th/17th/18th at 7:30pm
Matinees: Sunday February 12th & 19th at 3:00pm

Masked Performances: Sunday, February 12th & Thursday, February 16th. All audience members MUST be masked during these performances. All other performances are mask OPTIONAL.

Adults $20
People 65+ $15
Students $10

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

This year's PLAYS:

'Build a Wall'
By Cary Pepper, California
Directed by Hetty Thomae

'Fall, Ann Arbor'
By Peter Orner, New Hampshire
Directed by Samantha Davidson

'Rock the Boat'
By Wayne L. Firestone, Puerto Rico
Directed by Jenn Langhaus

'When I Fall in Love, it Will Be'
By Susan Middaugh, Maryland
Directed by Faith Caitlin

'Three Ghosts of Elizabeth Bathory'
By Anne Flanagan, California
Directed by Brian Kenyon

'Biscuits and Bones'
By J
anet J. Lawler, California
Directed by Jenn Langhaus



                                                                               By Barry M. Putt, Jr, Somerset, NJ

                                                                                Directed by Zoe Fleer

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Announcing The Parish Players' Production of 'The Silenced Lyre'

A Musical by Steve LeBlanc

Adapted from the novel 'Eugene Onegin' by Alexander Pushkin


Performance Dates & Showtimes:


April 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, & 22nd @ 7:00pm

April 16th @ 2pm


A period-piece romantic tragedy based on Alexander Pushkin's beloved novel 'Eugene Onegin', this beautiful tale of love, friendship, jealousy, and pride has long resonated with audiences worldwide. When the conceited Eugene spurns the affections of the young and innocent Tatyana, he sets in motion a chain of events that results in a tragic end. Heightened drama pervades, with elegant ballroom dances, passionate letters and meetings, fiery confrontations, and a heart-stopping duel as highlights of the show. A sweeping original musical score and beautiful choreography enhance the proceedings. Performed by an eight-member orchestra and a talented cast of nineteen cast members, this is a production not to be missed!


Directed by:  Steve LeBlanc

Music Director:  Carol Cronce

Choreographer:  Ally Weiner-Sawyer

Costumer:  Martie Betts

Set Designer:  Cami Buster

Technical Director/Lights:  Brian Kenyon

Sound:  Duncan Nichols


Orchestra:  Tim Cohen, Neal Cronce, Gerry Grimo, Da-Shih Hu, Jeanne Kennelly, Steve LeBlanc, Scott Sanborn, Jim Tonkovich


Cast:  Memory Apata, Lois Bangiolo, Lars Barr, Gary Barton, Skip Cady, Andrew Carmichael, Faith Catlin, Lee Densmore, Rory Gawler, Teresa Kennelly, Anna King, Greg LeBlanc, Maddie LeBlanc, Nat LeBlanc, Ashley Mello, Chelsea Paige, Beata Randall, Jane Reynolds, & Erika Wetzel

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