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The Parish Players is excited to announce auditions for its April 2023 production of The Silenced Lyre, a rock opera adaptation of the novel Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin. Auditions will occur at the Grange Theater in Thetford, VT on the following dates/times:


Saturday, December 3rd:  9am-11:30am

Monday, December 5th:  6:30pm-9pm


Auditioners only need to attend one of these sessions. They should come prepared to sing 16-32 bars of a Broadway or Rock style song. They can bring sheet music for the accompanist, or they can email an mp3 of or a YouTube link to their song’s backing music to the director (Steve LeBlanc @ ‘’). They should come dressed for a dance audition as well. Any questions about the audition process can be emailed to the director.


The Silenced Lyre is a romantic tragedy, with philosophical reflections, heightened drama, friendship, duels, love, and betrayal. The music was written by Steve LeBlanc, and the lyrics are by Alexander Pushkin (translated by Steve LeBlanc) and Steve LeBlanc. Carol Cronce will be the music director, and Ally Weiner-Sawyer will be the choreographer. We have a fantastic pit of eight instrumentalists lined up for the orchestra. A demo of the music can be listened to online at the following link:


Available Roles:


EUGENE ONEGIN (Lead) Baritone. A disdainful, disillusioned aristocrat. Sings multiple songs, including ‘A1 S5- The Same Monotony’, ‘A1 S17- A Worthless Mate’, ‘A1 S6- I Should Have Played a Better Part’. Ages 25-50.


TATYANA LARIN (Lead) Alto or Soprano. A shy, imaginative young woman. Sings multiple songs, including ‘A1 S11- My World Was Quite Another’, ‘A1 S12- Dear Apparition’, and ‘A2 S12- An Honest Explanation’. Ages 25-50.


VLADIMIR LENSKY (Lead) Tenor. An idealistic poet and friend to Eugene. Sings multiple songs, including ‘A1 S6 Blissful, Brief Infection’, ‘A1 10 You’re Everything That’s Mine’, ‘A2 S7 Whither, Whither Are Ye Banished’. Ages 18-40.


OLGA LARIN (Supporting) Alto. Tatyana’s sociable younger sister. Sings on a couple of songs, including ‘A1 S9 Fate Today’ and ‘A2 S3 So Much Happens’, and ‘A2 S5 I Demand Satisfaction!’. Ages 18-40.


DAME LARIN (Supporting) Soprano. Tatyana and Olga’s mother. Sings ‘A1 S8 Habit Substitutes for Bliss’. Ages 30-Up.


NANNY (Supporting) Alto or Soprano. Nanny to Tatyana and Olga.­­ Sings two duets: ‘A1 S11 My World Was Quite Another’ and ‘A1 S16 Waiting for Eugene’. Ages 30-Up.


ZARETSKY (Supporting) Baritone. A retired military officer. Sings on ‘A2 S6 I Should Have Played a Better Part’. Any Age.


VALET (Supporting) Baritone. Valet to Eugene. Any Age.


GUILLOTE (Supporting) Baritone. A country gentleman. Any Age.


GENERAL (Supporting) Bass. A retired general. Any Age.


ENSEMBLE (Supporting). The ensemble sings on many different songs throughout the show. Five ensemble members have solo songs: ‘A1 S2 Eugene Emancipated’, ‘A1 S3 At the Ball’, ‘A1 S7 Before Her Gaze’, ‘A2 S1 Tatyana on Her Name Day’, and ‘A2 A1 The Silenced Lyre’. All Ages.


Parish Players' AUDITIONS for our 2023 Annual Ten Minute Play Festival !!

What: Auditions

Where: Parish Players

When: Thursday, December 8th from 6:00pm - 8:30pm - or - Saturday, December 10th from 10:00am - 12:30pm

Performance Dates: February 9th - 12th and 16th - 19th

No Experience Required!

About: The Annual Ten Minute Play Festival is a collaboration of playwrights, directors, actors and technicians putting together two weekends of short, original works. Each night will showcase 6-8 short plays, each with its own unique cast and artistic vision. 

For more information and to register, email Allison Brown at

All are welcome, we hope to see you!

Stage Lighting Setup

Behind the Scenes

Every show needs people backstage to make the magic happen. We are always looking for backstage crew, board ops, ushers, house managers.  Come join the fun!

Contact us today and start getting involved.

E-mail and ask to be added to our mailing list so you hear about audition announcements first thing! 

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