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Spinning Into Butter

Director: Kay Morton 
Co-Producers: Ray Chapin and Mike Backman


While laced with humor, this searing play, probes at our innate propensity toward racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression, as we strive for political correctness. The discoveries and challenges faced by the characters in this production are as relevant today, as they were thirty years ago when the play was written. This seven-character play is based on actual incidents that took place at Middlebury College in Vermont during the early 1980’s. 

The show opens in the office of Sarah Daniels, a well-meaning, newly hired Dean of Students at the fictitious, “Belmont College” set in Vermont. As she attempts to help a student of Hispanic descent obtain a scholarship, a crisis erupts. Racist notes are found on the dorm door of one of the school's few black students. Sarah is charged with defusing the turmoil of emotions of both the students and the faculty. In the process, she is forced to look at her own challenges and ingrained prejudices. Nearing the end of the play, we’re thrown a surprising twist, becoming instrumental to Sarah’s re-examination of her life, making a change, and the beginning of a new journey. 

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